Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Flash image viewer tutorial

The tutorial is mainly about how to make flash image viewer with flash image viewer maker.And then embed on website for sharing with more people, such as MySpace, Blogger and web pages. So what you need are some digital photos, a flash image viewer maker,and a background music(optional). Here we choose Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory as the flash image viewer maker.
The reasons why we choose Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory are
  • Provide 60+ free flash image gallery templates including 25+ free 3d flash templates;
  • Custom pictures and music duration as well as including build in picture editing tool;
  • Both auto and manual displaying and including play-pause-previous-next button;
  • Various output formats including SWF, HTML, EXE, Screensaver, etc.
The simple steps to make flash image viewer are:
  • Step 1: Download free flash image viewer maker and install it;
  • Step 2: Import digital photos and background music in flash image viewer maker;
  • Step 3: Select template for your flash image viewer;
  • Step 4: Publish flash image viewer in SWF or HTML format and upload on website;
Seeing is believing. Watch the flash image viewer made by Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory and get inspired!

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