Friday, October 17, 2008

Turn photos to flash gallery

Part 2) Creating a Mask

Step 1.
Now that we know how the images are going to be handled, it's time to open up flash and start.

Step 2.
First of all a rectangle needs to be made which will be added dynamically multiple times, and used to mask the image. Use the rectangle tool to create the rectangle of any size and color.

Step 3.
Convert the rectangle into an MC (movieclip symbol) called box, making sure to check 'Eport for Actionscript'. As you can see the identifier will be made to 'box' also. This will allow the adding of the MC dynamically with Actionscript, by refering to it as 'box', which we'll be doing later on. Checking 'Export for Actionscript' will automatically check 'Export in first frame'.


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