Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Flash Photo Gallery Templates Released!

Hi, there,

Wondershare has just released Flash Slideshow Builder Version 4.6.0. In the latest version, 10+ new professional photo gallery templates has been added. And you can see some flash slideshow samples which are made with these new templates on its website.



Angie said...

Nice but I miss some of the templates of my previous version. I thought that I still could use them but they have vanished, there´s no birthday theme and there are very few for love. It would be great if you could add some more. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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Jade said...

Its a neat program and better then what Google offers for "slide shows". I like to use my own photographs, not some random collection off of Flickr. And with Google's deal, a person can not control the photos that are shown. I remember trying out the app and typing in "diamond" for search query. The results were anything but the diamond mineral, which I was looking for.

Abhinav.Singh said...

Cool demo, however you may like to chk this out. Its a flick photo implementation as you find in iphone. Just flick through the slide show :)

I hope someone may like to implement this javascript based slideshow API