Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Create Myspace flash slideshow banner for business

Still confusing how to promote your products or service? Just start to get a Myspace for building business platform. Today, Myspace is fast becoming a great place to network with business professionals! An elegance profile page or blog with flash presentation will first help you grasp lots of eyeballs from tons of Myspace users and attract like-minded individuals in the next place. This tutorial will mainly show you how to create a flash banner to make your Myspace profile and blog more attractive in just simple steps.

Here's what you'll need:

1. Myspace Account

2. Pictures related to your business

3. Flash Slideshow Maker

In the following how-to, I'll create a flash banner for an outdoor sports organization to show their concept about "Sports Make Life Easier!" which may attract the outdoorsy to join in.

Step 1: Get the Flash Software
Download Flash Slideshow Maker , then install and run it.

Step 2: Browse

Import the pictures related to your business, and then process with the built-in editing tool if needed, which include some basic functions like crop, rotate, filter, etc. Especially, you can add a hyperlink for each picture here. Below are pictures about outdoor sports.

Step 3: Theme & Effect

Here I choose the default theme “RedRight” and “Fade” transition effect. After that, right click on one photo on the Story Board to set the “Duration Setting”. Set “Picture Duration” as 2 sec and “Transition Duration” as 1 sec, then check the option “Apply all settings to all pictures”.

See more Free  flash Templates:

Step 4: Decorate

“Decorate” each picture with texts. Click “New Text” to add texts, select font, size, color, text effect, etc. for your photos. Here I select Font “Happy”, Size “22”, Color “Gold”, Effect “Fade”.

Step 5: Publish

Modify some “Publish Settings” to make the flash banner the best and then click “Create SWF Movie” .

Step 6: Embed into Myspace

Upload the Flash SWF file to any web hosting, and get the URL address of the Flash SWF file. If you don't have a web host, you can upload your flash file to Google Sites for FREE.

Open http://sites.google.com/, sign in with your Gmail account. Check the option "I agree to the terms", click the button "I am ready to create my pages" below, and login.

Click "Choose File" button at the bottom, then browse and select the Flash SWf file on your local hard disk, upload it.

Now, the uploaded file will be listed in the "Attachments".
Now you have uploaded the Flash SWF file to Google Page, you should get the URL address of the SWF file and note it. In Internet Explorer, you can simply click the file, open it with IE, and copy the link address in the address bar. If you are using Firefox, you may right click on the file, in the popup menu, click "Copy Link Location", and get the link address. The link address should look similar to: http://sites.google.com/site/wondersharefamily/Home/index.swf

Login your Myspace account and click "Profile" on the "Control Panel" which bellow your Profile photo.
Before add the HTML code to "AboutMe" or any other sections, please Replace the SWF file link code "http://www.flash-slide-show.com/.../banner550.swf" with your own SWF file URL (http://sites.google.com/site/wondersharefamily/Home/index.swf).

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