Thursday, January 03, 2008

How to remove red eye for your digital photos

It always happens, the snapshot you took of your family has got the dreaded red-eye, but don't worry, with a few simple steps in Photoshop this can easily be remedied.

On your layers palette click on the 'Create New Layers' icon to create a new empty layer above the background layer.

From the blend modes drop down menu in the layers palette select Color as shown above.

Make sure that Black is the foreground colour in the tool box, or press D on the keyboard to restore the default colours. Call up the Airbrush (short cut J) and select a small soft edge brush (see below) roughly about the same size as the red-eye.

Using the Zoom tool (shortcut Z) to get right in close to your subject or using Ctrl + Spacebar, you can now start painting out the red-eye with the airbrush. The great thing about this technique is that it doesn't effect the catchlights which are so important as shown below.

Here is the finished image you'll see. Now using these fixed photos to make your own DVD home movies, flash photo album and photo collages with photo creative suite.

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