Tuesday, August 28, 2007

2008 Get Together in Beijing Olympic

China is one of the four great ancient civilizations . In Marco Polo's travel book, it was described as a heaven where people live in peace and work in contentment. 2008 Olympic will be held in Beijing, which is the capital of China. Now the whole world are concerning about China. During this holiday, I visit Beijing from afar. I only have a camera with me. Beijing is magic. The Great Wall likes huge dragon across the horizon.
The palace museum is a grand place where the emperor live. It is the great quintessence of Chinese architecture.
I live in a Chinese family during those days, I find them very friendly and kind. I eat Chinese food and dress in Chinese clothes.
I have a wonderful time in China, I love China very much. I am looking forward to visiting China again in 2008, let us get together in Beijing Olympic.
When I leave China, It is too hard to say goodbye. After I go back home, I pick some memorable pictures and make a DVD slideshow, which record my whole travel in China.
Now China is a very prosperous and advanced country. Every family has TV and computer with broad band. I send my DVD slideshow which can be played on TV to them as a gift. Although I can put my slideshow on my youTube and myspace, only a few my Chinese friends know it.
Statement: Some pictures above are not mine. I just copy them from somewhere.

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