Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How to add video captions to your slideshow

A photo slideshow, in addition to such basic video editing, like ken burns-style effects, transition effects, background music, believe it or not, will be greatly polished by adding some captions. Whenever possible, captions should coincide with the on-screen activity and sentiment. Most software can make it using transcript. Don't worry about that! Preferably, you can find an all-in-one tool such as Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder, to caption your video fast and easily at your fingertips.

How It Works
In DVD slideshow Builder, first of all, you need to select the photo/video clip you want to caption in storyboard. In view box above, click 'Text' icon to open 'Caption Edit' panel.

Specified steps should be followed:
  • Point: Click the 'Play' button to playback the video from the beginning.
    Press 'Pause' when you find it the optimal start point to let captions to appear.
  • Text: Now, it's time to add the caption on this screen. Click '+' to active the text column and type the text content. On the contrary, click '-' to delete the text.
  • Effect: Drag the text box on the screen to adjust the position. Moreover, set the font family, size, color and action effects to enhance your slideshow.
  • Don’t forget to confirm it by clicking 'Set'.
  • Preview: Go back to the preview to check if your caption is Ok as you wish.

Note: If the starting point exceeds the length of the photo duration time, the caption won't display on the photo.

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