Tuesday, April 17, 2007

We Move to a New Office!

Greetings, everybody!

From today on, Lookaa will work in a new office, with better working environment, larger worktable and everything new!

Please say Congratulations to Lookaa! :)

Learn more about us?

Established in 2002, Wondershare software is dedicated in developing innovative multimedia Windows applications for individuals and businesses.

Wondershare’ strength lies in the in-depth knowledge of digital photo manipulation, owning a number of authorized digital video and audio technology. Combined with extensive product line, Wondershare has successfully launched a series of multimedia applications that are robust and powerful, winning tons of customers all over the world.

In the aims of better satisfying our customer, Wondershare also brings out its powerful Customer Service Center, offering quality help and prompt response.

Wondershare’s Vision: Become the global leading provider of Multimedia Applications.
Wondershare’s Slogan: Wondershare Colors Your Digital Life.

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