Friday, March 09, 2007

Bring Your Still Pictures to Life

You may have taken a lot of digital photos of different occasions with your digital camera. Looking at the still photos is fun already, why don't you add more fun to them by turning them into stunning slideshows? Each slideshow can tell a full story!
So, in this article, I’d like to introduce the greatest methods to start your slideshows. Feel curious? Read on please!

Idea 1. Make It Online
It becomes popular in recent years to create slideshow online. Bloggers or Myspacers love this way most. All websites, which provide online slideshow making, is largely identical but with minor differences. You need to sign up a free account, upload the digital photos, choose a template and publish. Distinguishes are they offer different decoration, themes and somesuch. In the nature of things, you could pay to get better service, more abilities and larger website space.

I usually recommend or to my friends, since it brings good experience even for a FREE user. BTW, not all sites for making slideshow allow importing images directly from Flikr or adding background music.

Idea 2. Design a Flash Picture Movie
Register is a must to make a website slideshow, likewise, download the right software before creating the slideshow is important, and of course prepare digital picture in PC / Camera.

You could follow the same steps to design a flash picture slideshow.
First, create a project and import digital images.
Second, apply transition effects and photo motions.
Third, add soundtrack and other decorations, such as text caption, clipart, etc.
Last, publish in a certain format – swf flash movie or online album.

A cool program of this kind is Wondershare Flash SlideShow Suite. Besides the basic abilities mentioned above, you could do more with it, for example, make a slideshow screensaver and share with friends.

Idea 3. Show Your Story on TV
Just put together the photos and videos on the journey and make a DVD video - It cannot be any better to show your story for families on TV again and again. Yep, don’t forget to apply more creative to that video slideshow, such as adding pieces of sweet music, funny quotes, and stunning transitions effects, and so on.

Last but not least, with feature-rich DVD SlideShow Builder, you could also export the movie to pop mobile device – iPod, Zune, PSP, etc. So you won’t be boring when your next trip in the air or on the train.

As you can see, there are even more funny ways to deal with your digital pictures. Just think more and do more! Sooner or later, you would find it an interesting thing that all your still images become life.

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