Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Create a Flash Photo Album

Looking for a special method to show off your photo albums? You've got that - Flash is the hottest way! Animation, Flash scene effects will make your flash album more attractive. But flash background knowledge is required. So, an innovation program is needed to achieve that purpose. Here's a guide about how to create an excellent flash photo album. Come on and amaze your friends by bringing them into your flash galleries world.

Step 1. Start up with your creator. The most important thing is, of course, to choose an appropriate program. For novice, I'll recommend Wondershare Flash Album Studio, which is a great tool for making a flash photo album with several mouse click.

Step 2. Select a Theme Template and Add photos. Select one or more theme templates, which is base on flash, from existing library. The twenty templates are sorted in four series - Family, Love, Holiday and Other. After that, click + Add to input your photos. Then decorate with special flash effecfts - Rain, Snow, Flowers, Stars, Bubble, Butterfly, Lights, and so on.

Step 3. Perfect the album with Intro/Ending Animation. The program has already choose the most matching Intro/Ending animation in advance. Suppose it doesn't meet your need, please just switch to Animation tab and get another. In addition, you could add a title, label, director for the intro animation, while label and cast view for the end. Quickly optimize with motion effects, font style, size and color.

Step 4. Optimize your image. The basic tool is Rotate & Flip, Brightness & Contrast and Crop. Moreover, captioning the photos or pictures is available. Simply input words and choose your favorite font style, size and color with bold or italic.

Step 5. Music and Narration. To perfect your flash album, you could add music from your collection, and trim the audio files by cropping with fade in/out features and volume adjusting. Certainly, it's ok for recording voice-overs.

Step 6. Publish.
* Ordinarily create a Macromedia Flash SWF file, which is common publish method;
* Distribute the masterpiece with executalbe file(EXE) that no additional viewing software is needed;
* Host your show at flash-slide-show.com for 100Mb free web space and make your show as Online Album;
* Publish streaming shows as a HTML web gallery for multiple shows;
* Personalize PC desktop with Screensaver.

1. It's possible to apply more than one theme template in the same album;
2. Use Replace to replace an image to another;
3. Preview before publish.

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