Friday, June 16, 2006

Create a flash banner for your website

If you admire the website of sb’s, embedded impressive swf banners, and puzzle that why they make such snazzy transitions. In fact, it’s as easy as ABC with the help of some slideshow program.

BTW, My favorite is Wondershare Flash SlideShow Builder.

Here’s the sample:


quality="high" bgcolor="#FFFFFF" swLiveConnect="true"

Step 1. Prepare several pre-made images for your slideshow banner. I’ve got 5 in this banner.

Step 2. Browse. Add the images from your local drive to the story line. Click the Add button or double click the image. Drag and drop is fine, too.

Step 3. Transition Effect. Use Basic type effect and choose Fade, then apply to all. Set the duration of each slide (the number below and on the right of the image). Of course, you could select other transition effects. But I think Fade will be more suitable for a banner transition effects.

Step 4. Theme. Do remember to choose NONE (the first one).

Step 5. Publish. Use the settings and custom slide size exactly the same with your images, my setting is 571*156. Unclick Play with control bar and if you like, click the Display the preloader when loading Flash Movie. Then publish as swf or HTML.


1. Click Edit to make optimization of your images.

2. The higher image conversion quality you choose, the larger the final result will be.

3. Preview your slideshow before publish it.

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