Tuesday, March 28, 2006

How to add photo frame with Photo Collage Software

More and more people use Digital Camera to capture the memorable moments. Therefore, photo collage or digital scrapbook becomes the new way to store that special memory.

Here’s a tutorial helping you to apply frames and something interesting to photos with Wondershare Photo Collage Studio.

Step 1:

Then install and start up Photo Collage Studio

You’ll view the Panel Settings which is for setting the Orientation, Background and Size of the collage in advance.

Step 2: Browse

Click ‘Browse’ in the navigation bar and select the folder that contains the target photos or pictures. You can preview the thumbnail of pictures in the selected folder.

Just drag and drop the thumbnail of your fond photo to the palette. Double-click is Ok as well.

Step 3: Edit and optimize

Before apply frames to the photos, I suggest to edit and optimize your photos above all. There are multiple choices for getting better-looking photos: Rotate, Crop, Flip, Shadows, Gray and negative.

Step 4: Add Photo frames

Hundreds of selectable photo frames can be applied according to different occasions. Get a theme from the pull-down frame type list, and select a desirable one.

A. Add

By double clicking the frame, it will be applied to the target layer automatically. There are Art, Basic, Cartoon, Holiday, Flower and Classic for choosing. Here are some demos.

Frame with Art

Frame with Basic

Frame with Cartoon

Frame with Holiday

Frame with Classic

Frame with Flower

B. Adjust

If it’s not necessary to apply frame to the whole photo, then, frame adjustment is needed. Use the adjustment tool on toolbar, apply frame to any part of the photo and make your favorite.

C. Merge

Maybe someone would like to add frame to more than one photo, ok, follow me! It’s quite simple, just merge the layers. You have the ability to select to merge all layers, visible layers, or next layer.

Step 5: Enhance your collages

Make your collages larruping by adding cliparts and wordarts. Select your favorite cliparts to make collage much funnier. You can also add your own cliparts from local drive. Certainly, writing your words on photos is possible with the help of Text and Wordart by simply choosing the font, color, size, font style and font effect.

Step 6: Save

Yep, you’ve done a good job! Don’t forget to save your work in a appropriate image format - *jpg, *png, *bmp, *tiff or *gif. Moreover, you can set your artworks as wallpaper, send the picture via email or print it at virtually any size


1. The panel can be re-set if it doesn’t meet your need.

2. Press F9 to review.

3. You can add mask effect as Step 5 by click the Mask in the navigation bar.


1. You cannot change the shadow setting of a locked layer;

2. Deselecting Set shadow will remove shadow effect;

3. Photo mask and photo frame can not be applied to text or wordart.

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