Thursday, October 27, 2005

Create Flash Slide Show from Your Photos

Wondering how to surprise your wife for her birthday or your anniversary?
How does a Flash animation of all of her favorite photos, complete with a musical background sound?

Flash slideshow maker (developed by Wondershare) is a fun and easy-to-use utility to create stunning Flash slideshows, complete with music, text, photo motion & transition effects and many selection album templates. With this slideshow software, you can take your favorite digital photos, and easily turn them into amazing Flash photo album in minutes to share your special memories with your friends and family.

There are many benefits for you to create a great flash presentation that can be cherished over and over again.
1. Create Stunning Flash Slideshows
You may have taken a lot of digital photos of different occasions with your digital camera. Looking at the still photos is fun already, why don't you add more fun to them by turning them into stunning Flash slideshows? Each slideshow can tell a full story! You can add different music to your photo slideshows to make them funny and even touching stories. You can also add text to your photos to describe them. What more, you can also select your favorite transition and photo motion effects for your slides, which will enhance your Flash slideshows and make professional-quality results.

2. Long Lasting.
Your digital album will not crease and deteriorate over time. So why waste valuable time and money with physical photos albums which turn yellow with age and are expensive to make copies of? Just turn them into Flash photo album, and save them on your local Hard drive or publish it on the internet. Thus, your photos and animations can be kept everlasting!

3. Share You Digital Photos
You must want to share your special memories with your friends and family. Why not send your Flash slideshows to them as special gifts? Just share your created Flash over the web, through email, or generate the EXE file for easy distribution. It's your Art to Share!

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